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I saw this leather and the first words out of my mouth were "Bomber Jacket"!! 


The history of the "assaulting forward" flag is why it was specifically chosen for this journal and placed just as it would be on an official, military flight/bomber jacket. 

During the Civil War, both mounted cavalry and infantry units would designate a standard bearer, who carried the flag into battle. As this standard bearer charged, his forward momentum caused the flag to stream back.


American military uniforms feature the U.S. flag, which is worn facing backward. The rule is that the blue field of stars should always be in the highest position of honor on the uniform. That position has always been the right shoulder with the flag's blue stars facing forward.


The regulation states that the stars are to face forward. When authorized for application to the proper uniform the American flag patch is to be worn, right or left shoulder. One of the flags will, therefore, be reversed (right shoulder) in order to adhere to the regulation and custom of having the stars facing forward. The term, “Assaulting Forward” has been adopted by combat troops (instead of "facing forward").


5.5" x 5" x 1"
48 pages - 140 lb watercolor paper
40 pages - heavy kraft paper

** All anne-marie-designs ARE COPYRIGHT PROTECTED **

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