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For the past 14 years, I've been a student and practitioner of  interior design, high-end Parisian fashion, woodworking, watercolor painting, hospitality, and promotion.

I adore the creative & challenging process of working within a medium such as  wood, watercolor, leather, and cowhide. Their unequivocal, organic nature supplies infinite inspiration. Therefore, I choose to hand stitch (no machine used) each one of my journals and handbags. Every one of my products is made without the use of a machine. 


While I may be able to duplicate certain characteristics of a journal or handbag, such as the cut, overall finished size, and/or paper type, I can't duplicate the materials used. Each piece is exceptional and made per client. This is what I love about working with natural elements and using my hands to create a product. Who wants what everyone else can have, anyway? Be unique. Be creative. Be You.

When designing my handmade, custom journals, I often catch myself referring to different aspects of fashion..."over the shoulder...accessories...seams...stitches", or aspects of woodworking..."live" and interior design..."fabric folds...detailed finishes...scale". All these creative disciplines have played a valuable part in designing my journals in order to keep them unique and original.

Every handbag is designed "on the table", meaning no patterns nor duplications (and definitely no machinery) are used, other than traditional hand-stitching methods and certain design elements. I like to keep things fresh and unique! No imports. No copy-cats. No mass production. EVER.


Currently, my woodworking art is on hold due to personal circumstances but I fully intend to continue this passion as soon as possible. In the meantime, please enjoy browsing through my past works. 

In a simple workshop on the ground of Momma's childhood home, is where my passion for woodworking began. Momma and I would locate just the right pieces from old homes, barns, or wherever we could and work that wood until the rustic became refined! We spent many a precious hour together in that little shed and beneath the trees, creating gorgeous, functional art. When it came time to go to market, Momma was always in by my side...wrapping, packing, hauling and selling. 

My Hearts Passion

Another passion of mine that is very near and dear to my  heart, is that of which has anything to do with supporting children, especially those less fortunate and neglected. It is my honor to support #savethechildren and bring more awareness to the horrific human trafficking epidemic in the United States and abroad. I pledge 10% of all profits to be donated to this cause.

Personally and as a business owner, I want to help the less fortunate both financially and inspirationally. It's my dream to one day build a home for the survivors of human trafficking and to create an environment in which these children can flourish and grow to be independent, successful and of course, creative adults.

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