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Hand-crafted Journals

I've become a huge advocate of all things handwritten. I strongly believe our handwriting is a unique artistic expression given to each of us by God. Our individual handwriting is a unique gift which should be cherished; as it identifies who we are. The digital age has stilted this individuality and  put our exclusivity  at high risk. We are becoming incredibly robotic and are very close to losing our human connection with others. It is because of this automation that I use my own handwriting on the cover of my handcrafted  journals, as well as incorporate handwriting into the designs of my handbags. Encouraging uniqueness is my goal. Fighting against mass-production and importation of goods is my mission. I support small USA-based business and entrepreneurs. Supporting small, USA goal. 


anne-Marie-designs journal covers are adorned solely by Anne-Marie. The artwork is sketched and painted directly on the cover as is the text. These are all originals! 

Also, the paper is hand-torn to size, 140lb cold-pressed watercolor paper, which means not only can you enjoy creative & meditative writing but also painting with watercolor or acrylics, sketching, chalks, collaging, etc. Enjoy and document your life using the medium, or a mixture thereof, of your choice!


Write on!!!

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