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AMH & Company is all about custom; after all, every piece is unique as it is created by nature. 

If you're looking for a specific item, whether it be a cutting board, serving board, table of any dimension or any other home decor item, I am ready to work with you!


Inventory changes at a rapid pace so it would be quite a daunting task to keep it all posted on this site. I prefer my clients contact me personally to collaborate on every aspect of the design, to bring you the very best, custom piece possible. We love working directly with each and every client, to ensure they receive the exact piece of which will speak to their soul.

Please browse our site for ideas, then give us a call and let's begin designing together!

Functional Art


When we design our furniture, we incorporate function and fun!


By keeping our designs unique (which are copyrighted, btw), you know your're getting a one-of-a-kind piece! 


If you like something that's no longer available, we can apply similar design principles and make it custom, just for you!


Serving Slabs


From the mill to your hands, an average of 30 hours is spent on each board! 


Serving blocks are food-safe, adorned with unique, recycled handles made from either wine barrel hoops, antlers or leather. 


Non-skid rubber feet are used to protect your service and to create a sturdy surface on which to prep.  


In addition, all pieces are hand signed, dated and numbered by the artist. 


Fun. Functional, One-of-a-kind.


Custom Furniture


Stretch your imagination...push the envelope...go beyond the limits. At AMH & Co, we're all about creating something pieces. If you have an idea, let's talk! If you have no idea, then we'll collaborate and create your special piece. 

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