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As an advocate of all things "handcrafted, handmade, written in one's own writing", this takes journaling from it's traditional sense a bit further. My own script adorns the cover of this lux leather journal, making it truly one of a kind, unable to be duplicated. You can also commission your very own, with either words/lyrics/verses of your choosing or blank leather can be sent to you, on which your unique handwriting/art can be added. 

My journals are designed as a piece of art. I consider my journals to be a fashion accessory...a fine piece that you'll want to carry everywhere and be very proud to own.

Every one of my "anne-marie-designs" journal is crafted one-at-a-time, one-day-at-a-time. Nothing is duplicated, other than the old world artistry used in the stitching. Materials are all responsibly obtained and chosen for their organic character. 

(No worries! Once you've filled the pages of your anne-marie-designs journal, just send it back and for a nominal cost, we'll refill the pages for you!)

9" x 6" x 1"
80 pages - 140 lb watercolor paper

** ALL anne-marie-designs journals are COPYRIGHT PROTECTED **

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