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Take care of your luxury serving slab & it will last a lifetime!

When you purchased one of our serving blocks or custom furniture pieces, you purchased more than just an object; you purchased hundreds of hours of frustration, experimentation and finally, that moment of pure JOY! 


You didn't just purchase a "thing" purchased a piece of my heart, a part of my soul, a moment of my life. 



Keeping your board beautiful


Maintenance on our blocks are fairly low, depending upon how it's used. After each use, wipe down with a damp cloth and spray with 1/2 white vinegar - 1/2 water mixture (this is a natural, simple and inexpensive disinfectant). Wipe off the vinegar, apply a few drops of Board Butter and massage it into the wood, applying more or less, as necessary to achieve that gorgeous, like-new finish.


Please refrain from ever putting your serving block in the dishwasher or allowing it to soak in the sink; the water temperature will cause your board to warp and/or crack...(this is not a good thing!)


To neutralize odors, rub a lemon on the surface and wipe clean. Always remember to add a few drops of oil to keep your board happy....and NEVER use vegetable or olive oil as a moisturizer; it can become rancid over time. We'll happily ship more Board Butter to you!! 


If you're board feels rough, just take a scrubby or a piece of 600 - 800 grit sandpaper and give it a rub (always following the grain). This will exfoliate your board and create a mirror-smooth finish. Don't forget to reapply a bit of oil, afterwards! 


We welcome your feedback and would love for you to share photos on our FB page at AMH & Company. 




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